It is time to move forward with more educational choices and opportunities

Finally time to re-activate this blog

First specific post will focus on schools within schools,  pupil-public-parent-community-teacher shared governance.

I look forward to sharing with you…

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Hello world!

Welcome to a blog dedicated to supporting civil discussion and debate about the current state, and potential future, of teaching in US public K-12 schools.

As mentioned in the “About” section, this blog is unabashedly supportive of teachers and teaching in the face of “reforms” that have changed the fundamental dynamics of education in America.

With more reforms being contemplated within the political arena, I believe it is imperative for teachers to have a louder, clearer voice in the process.

Future posts will focus on specific issues facing teachers today.

Certainly the profound impact of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reform legislation will receive special attention, as will the changes currently being touted within the Obama administration and in Congress.

Stay tuned. With your help we can help get the word out about how consequences of recent and proposed education reforms will impact teachers, schools and students.

Thanks in advance,

Vic Krohn, soon-to-be-retired teacher (effective July 1, 2010)

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